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Lance Crossman Sr.

MA United States

2009-08-29 23:16:30

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Hi there everyone, I am Lance Crossman Sr. known as affiliatelancenow online. Here is a little on what I do.

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My heart goes out to all the people in the world. The people that are looking to make money on the web have to be patient, careful, and READ EVERYTHING! Don't quit and just say that it is a scam. Too many people are in a rush or they do not follow directions. Do not join up to too many things all at once. Trust me, it gets too time consuming and very hard to handle all at once. You will join to a few things and know the time to join up to a few more. So on saying that, my heart goes out to all the people trying to start making money online.

I am really awesome about getting traffic to your website and or BLOG as well as, getting you listed on the 1st page of search engines. So, please get in touch with me on If you don't have a a Yuwie Social Site page yet, you really should for you personal and business needs. You get awesome page ranking when posting content on there like BLOGs. This will let people get to trust you when they search for you to see if you are real and what you do.

IF... you go to my favorite social site page after signing up (Always FREE) Yuwie you will be able to get in touch with me 1 on 1 by messaging me there. Ask me about anything, say hi, or to hook you up with a powerful woven system that I have created FREE for you and your business. I am here to work for you so please share with me that you came from OrangeLeads, what you are currently doing with your business (or whatyour intentions/thoughts are) and let me know that you are interested in having me follow up with you. I would love to help more and more people in all of my downlines and business partnerships as well as, JV's.

This is what I do full time (Work at Home and remember, I work for YOU. I never charge you. Why should I charge you (like other companies do) to refer my affiliate links for you to join??? My service is NO COST to you

If you want to pay me for my eBook that is coming out later in 2010 you may or if you want to hire me to advertise your company for you, you may ask me. That is the only time I put a price to my work. Unless you want to hire me to get you listed on the 1st page of GOOGLE or other search engines. I am really good with SEO and Joint Ventures.

~SOME TIPS~ Don't sign up to too many things all at once. This will create an overload to your work schedule and WILL become a distraction. If there is something that really interests you, save it to your favorites but make sure you view your favorites from time to time.

If you are looking to start for free to make money, I highly suggest the social site that pays you: Again, message me there for help there or with any help that you need online or other questions that you may have. Also leave me a message as to when you are ready for some more to do that will make more money. I love chatting with people so maybe we can go on the im there or have a phone conversation.

Referrals are very powerful (so powerful) to your business, so advertise your referral link from following My Personal System and get in touch with me at Yuwie Advertise your business opportunities at OrangeLeads (That is this company that this page is on that they gave me) and to your email lists, and friends. You will BANK on it month to month because you are growing your business by sending out invites to your links.

The more you use the social site, the more you will be paid. Refer as many people as you can. Not everyone is going to join. So what. They might be in a rush and said that they needed to go to work or shopping or something. Just keep on tilling and taking care of your garden if you can look at your business as a garden and building online real estate an your fortress that is being built one brick at a time.

Don't build with just you doing everything by yourself. Get others involved by inviting them in your programs (follow steps in My Personal System), your Twitter, Social Site, OrangeLeads, news letter that you created, and so on.

Just get a hold of me and I am here for you.

The power is all in the referrals. You multiply your monthly pay checks each month and get residual income.

When you build your business with these types of programs/systems, there is a point where you start to see what I call, "Snowball Affect". This works great on systems that are "viral" This is great because SOME things take a few months to "till the soil" or "mature" and then all of a sudden, BAMMMMMM! You begin do see one fruit here and one fruit there and many branches of fruit. By a few more weeks of this happening, you see bags of fruit worth rip for the picking that need to be loaded into trucks and trucks.

Then there are other programs that distract people promising them they will become rich in just 30 days or something. I tell you, in 99.9% of all cases, the 30 day rule of making that kind of extra money is if your a celebrity offering something that is really good or you have been working online just adding to your huge online empire that already exists and have many email lists to mail out to, sending a new program to join. In both of these cases, people will see overnight results and earn an extra $10,000 or more each week. Make sense?

My family and God are important to me.

My online theme is "Money Saving, Money Making, Tips and Ideas".

Here is my Nitch idea to share with everyone: String Systems Together, CLICK ME

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REMEMBER: Get in touch with me at
Yuwie so we can help each other. If you don't have a Yuwie please take the time to watch the 5 minute intro video HERE===> Intro to Yuwie video then sign up so that you may better your business.

I so wish you all the very best. I hope to teach and learn from ALL of you as well as join some of your programs as well. Let us help each other.

If you would like to go JV together, I am willing to see what you have... you now know how to get a hold of me personally on my Yuwie profile. Say hi.

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Lance Crossman Sr.
224 Sanders St. Unit 2
Athol MA

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